What families really need in ANY relocation

By Nadia Read

Last week’s ACS Relocation Networking Event brought me right back to the challenges of moving my own family to London from Washington DC 3 years ago.  And then quickly to all the ways in which SecurelyBe helped our family when we were clients, and how I ended up as a SecurelyBe Associate. Full circle.

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After a lovely networking event and an unexpected all school fire alarm (!), we listened to a panel of 3 parents from the ACS community who had recently relocated their families to London.  Their accounts were part entertaining (you can always laugh in hindsight, right?) and part distressing. We learned about what they wish they had known prior to and after their move. There’s that hindsight again. We commiserated as they shared almost humorous accounts of sat nav failures and struggles with foreign appliances. These are the crucial details that determine how smoothly –  or not – those first days and weeks go.

The panel represented 3 nationalities in very different situations, from a seasoned expat family to one moving with unwilling teenagers.  Yet they all experienced similar challenges regardless of the level or type of support they received through their corporate relocation.

What were their biggest challenges?

  • internet, banking, mobile phone and help with utilities/appliance
  • craving real advice, the tips about day to day living commuting and simply  existing that would save time and effort
  • a need for service providers to really understand their clients, how their families work and their specific needs

Sounds basic right?

It all comes down to this:  “you just don’t know what you don’t know”


There might be a way to avoid being trapped in the spinning hamster wheel of waiting for internet and utilities without a bank account, but not being able to open a bank account without a signed lease agreement etc. There is no need to wonder what to do or who to call first when your child has an ear infection on the first day.

As another friendly relocation professional nudged me as we listened, he whispered: “This is exactly what SecurelyBe does.”

And yes, in fact, it is.

From the day that a family knows it will be moving, through the physical move and during the ongoing settling in, we are here to provide tailored support so that families can hit the ground running.

Our clients and families don’t see themselves saying: “I wish I had known”, “if only someone had told me”, or “we could have saved ourselves so much time and hassle”.

During 5 months of tailored one to one support, advice and information, our clients feel like locals in no time. Our families learn how to survive and thrive in their new destination with big smiles on their faces. Like me, all of our associates are expats themselves – we make it our job to know what you don’t know….yet!

I drove away from the beautiful ACS Egham campus again thinking about my own moving tales that I can laugh about now. I also felt the excited anticipation about helping that next family through their own unique and challenging process.

Thank you ACS for your continuous efforts in supporting your families during their international relocations.  It was abundantly clear how quickly our panel members felt welcome and truly part of the ACS community.

To learn more about how SecurelyBe can help your employees, clients, and their families hit the ground running, please feel free to contact us.