We all need mentors-in life, at work & during a relocation!

Two weeks ago I had the honour to be interviewed by The Sunday Times in their Business section.

“THE” Sunday Times!!!

The Sunday Times Business Section- 21st September 2014
The Sunday Times Business Section- 21st September 2014

I remember, as expats in Barcelona, my husband and I used to rush every Sunday morning to the only place in our neighbourhood that sold it, coffee and croissant in hand we went all over it for hours.

Just as a brief summary – as you can read the full article below- they asked my professional opinion on, what is the key to grow a business?
My clear -and loud- message is: “We all need better mentors and strategic advice!”
























It is not just in business that is key to have an unbiased and personalised advice. In any area of our lives the best way to grow, evolve, mature, achieve, thrive,…is to have somebody who understands who we are, what we need, our goals, strengths, weaknesses and how to make the most of all of that, taking into account the circumstances we are living, then and there.

We could say, that is what we do at SecurelyBe. We work closely with our clients aiming to understand:

  • Who they are – via our thorough video-call checklist months before their move
  • What their goals are during the relocation – we achieve that during the 4 months we spend with our clients
  • Their skills-to help them thrive on that new job in the city or to help the accompany spouse to find a suitable profession

With the knowledge of their individual and specific needs, plus our strategic advice on how to make the most of it all, our clients understand what the UK, London and this culture has to offer from day one. No stress, no distractions from work. They feel & do like a “local” in no time.

Now that I think about it, I wish I would have had SecurelyBe’s support in any of my past relocations. Perhaps there was more than one place that sold the Sunday Times in our neighbourhood and we could have enjoyed a lay-in back in those days with no children!