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  • “Meeting in person during those first few weeks was critical to knowing I had a friendly face keeping an eye out for me. Especially helpful during a time when I could have spent 24/7 in the house unpacking–which is not too healthy!Also LOVED visiting new neighborhoods: great practice for using public transport, and to avoid getting in the rut of staying only in the immediate vicinity. It makes the city much smaller and more manageable if you have an idea of what’s out there”

    Davina, Family of 4 relocating from Washington DC (US). Spouse President International for an Enterprise Technology company.

  • “Moving and transitioning into a new country was very overwhelming, especially during the early weeks. It can often feel isolating, however as the weeks progressed and knowing that I had an ally in B was very comforting.Whether it be, learning the transportation system or signing up for healthcare, B was there making it all digestible, adding a blanket of comfort during the settling in process.Thank you for all of your help B and being the friendly face needing during the transition!”

    Courtney, Couple relocating from San Francisco (US), Spouse working in an American Investment Company

  • “I wish I had the help and invaluable support we had from SecurelyBe when we first moved to Singapore, that was a terrible experience! You think you are resourceful and able to find the information by yourself because you speak the language but that is the first mistake.This time we didn’t think it twice and having SecurelyBe helping us during the weeks previous to the move and once we set foot in Kent it was a godsend. The most valuable time? the field trips, it was very exciting discovering a whole new world of options and alternatives and seeing it on the spot it did help enormously. I am going to miss those days. Thanks B you make our tough winter arrival an enjoyable adventure”

    Melanie, Family of 3 relocating from Singapore, Spouse Senior Executive working in an American Bank

  • “Would I recommend this service? Absolutely! And I would definitely emphasize that I personally thought at first “we may not need this” (not really knowing what it entailed), and very quickly learned that I did!!The personal touch and care in which it was delivered. You present the information in such an un-intimidating way, and always welcome the client to digest, and come back with questions if need be.

    I most enjoyed the hands-on out and about sessions, shopping for example. Great way to get a feeling for a new part of town, and also for me personally, a nice “break” away from the boxes, lists, and being at home. Also the sensitivity you showed to me as a Mom, thinking about timing that works around nap time, bringing toys and distractions for the kids, being OK when we were interrupted”

    Nadia, Family of 5 relocating from Washington DC (US), Spouse Senior VP working in an International Leading Hotels & Resorts chain

  • “Overall, I found the services offered by SecurelyBe to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. Not only did B present invaluable information in a matter of weeks that would’ve taken me a year to sort out on my own, but she also served as a reassuring and comforting presence during a very delicate transition for my family.Once my spouse left for work and I dropped my little guy off at school, I can imagine the homesickness would have descended quickly upon me had it not been for the anticipation of diving into British Culture every week with B. I found her to be well read in all aspects of life here and if there was ever something she wasn’t sure about, which was not very often, she would get back to me with an answer by the end of the day.

    More importantly, within minutes of meeting her, I felt completely at ease in discussing any and all of my feelings and concerns about the transition. Her warmth and sincerity immediately gave me the sense of having someone, a friend, in this far away land and I knew if anything came up over those first few weeks and beyond, there was at least one person that would be there for me and have the answer. In essence, SecurelyBe was paramount to an easy, happy, and smooth transition and I cannot imagine having done it without her.”

    Sarah, Family of 3 relocating from San Francisco (US), Spouse working in an American Investment Company (Follow Sarah’s blog “52 British weeks” to see her views, experience and fantastic photographs!)

  • “Guidance into the NHS was very clear and helpful. You even found the best surgery center for us with the address and map which was fantastic. Also, the instruction on how to get NI number was excellent. You made it all so easy.I loved the interesting places in London you showed me, but most of all your bright personality, positive attitude, and strong self confidence was inspiring to me. I could’ve freaked out or feel overwhelmed had not been supported by your advices and our cheerful meetings!”

    Yassi, Couple relocating from San Francisco (US), Spouse working in an American Investment Company

  • “The information you provided us was exactly what we needed it, the way it was delivered just easy and fun to understand, specially through all the examples and situations. It felt it was all about us, as individuals and as a family”Daniella, Family of 4 relocating from Zürich (Switzerland) Spouse Senior Executive working in the second-largest Bank in Europe
  • “The pre-relocation support gave me a lot of piece of mind leading up to January to know you were there for us when we got here and I didn’t have to worry about certain to-do’s.Once we got here it was great to get out of the house and see some of London whilst learning about the different services and how to make them work for us.”

    Laura, Family of 3 relocating from San Francisco (US), Spouse working in an American Investment Company

  • “If I would have known the amount of useful information you were going to provide me I wouldn’t have bothered my work colleagues with little questions, you and your team really know what we needed even before we were in London!”Natalia, Family of 2 relocating from New York (US), Partner in an International Law Firm
  • “I am feeling a bit sad leaving family and friends behind…thankfully we have found you and you are truly a great help”Sara, Family of 3 relocating from Madrid (Spain), Spouse working in the Aeronautical Engineering Industry
  • “Thanks very much for everything B, without your help my first months in London would have been very difficult”Chantal, Professional relocating from Barcelona (Spain), working in HR Consultancy
  • “Just the thought you were there waiting for our arrival, made me feel there was no need to worry, I used to think “everything will be just fine” and it was more than fine, it was hassle free.”Maria, Family of 4 relocating from Hamburg (Germany), Spouse working in the Oil & Gas Industry