Spanish speakers in London-You are not alone, the contrary!

For the last 6 months we have been collaborating with a Expatriate portal specialized in news, companies and services for Spanish people around the world called Mundo Spanish.


I personally wanted to be involved blogging for them once a month about interesting and important facts of Living in the UK because:

1- I am Spanish -well if my VERY Spanish surname hasn’t given me away yet, here it is the confirmation- yes I am a Spaniard!

2- At SecurelyBe we know how hard international relocation can be, even more if you add a different language, climatology and ways of doing things and the Spanish-way is VERY different than the British-way.

3- There is more than 200,000 Spaniards in the UK and people who speaks Spanish? Thousands and thousands more so, why not, for once, to explain in plain Spanish how things work in the UK.

If you want to read what we talk about every month – an interesting topic (i.e. types of childcare, geo-map of London and the importance of the postcodes, overall of the healthcare system, etc.),  as well as, an interesting fact (i.e. celebrations and how to join in like a local, dates to remember, etc.) will be explain on the pages of “Expertos” at Mundo Spanish website

Espero que os sea de ayuda!