Feel like a “local” in no time

SecurelyBe… will tailor make the programs for each individual, couple or family, based on what is important for your and the area you will live in. Each client has different requirements, priorities and budget.


Pre-Assignment Phase – All the services you might need

Through our well trusted and tested relationships with other service providers in the relocation industry in the UK we can help you to put together the perfect relocation package for your specific needs i.e. Inmigration Experts, School Consultants, Property Finders, Removal services, Banking services, Temporary Furniture, Temporary Accomodation, Tax Advisors, …

As well as anything you might need post arrival i.e. Nanny agencies, Lifestyle Management services, Car buying experts, Career coach …

SecurelyBe… will make sure all the services blend together for a perfect relocation experience.

Relocation Phase – Sourcing services & Managing deliveries

Once you have secured a property many services can be sourced and many purchases can be organised so it will all be ready upon your arrival.

If it something as basic as overseeing the set up of your Internet connection through to coordinating with your Removals company or Security Systems installations, we are here to help and be your trusted eyes and ears. Let us represent you on-site.

  • Setting up Telecoms, TV packages options, mobile phones and Utilities accounts
  • Interviewing, hiring and onboarding new household staff and service providers such as tutors, childcare solutions, pet care and more
  • Coordinating and overseeing professional hanging services for fine art, mirrors and tapestries
  • Delivery and installation of temporary furniture, new appliances, any type of shopping (food, soft furnishings, small appliances, etc.)
  • On Move in day – Coordination with the removal company, unpacking and staging your house in parallel with the moving crew

Fees: From £235

On Assignment Phase – © Settling in Support Program

2 months prior to arrival we will have a structured 1:1 meeting either via FaceTime™ /WhatsApp™ or teleconference. Designed to:

  • Walk you through our checklist of relevant areas of interest
  • Determine those areas where you require a more detailed understanding

After that:

  • For the following 4-8 weeks before your arrival we will send you relevant information on weekly basis to help you “check out” of your current life/destination
  • For the following 4-8 weeks after your arrival we will meet up on weekly basis to talk you through it all, providing also the essential paperwork you need
  • You will get written information for future reference

This service can be provided in a range of languages.

Fees: From £1,200 to £2,800


Short Term Assignment – Accompanying the Spouse Program

For those working in the city for a short period of time, bringing the spouse/family and they want to understand and manage the extensive services & options like a “local” – We will send you a questionnaire designed to:

  • Determine the areas where you require a more detailed understanding and activities you would like to do

After that:

  • Before the arrival we will send you relevant information for the logistics of your trip to London, personal safety and in case of an emergency
  • After the arrival we set up a series of meetings to talk you through it all, visiting areas of the city, attending exhibitions or just being an accompanying partner during your stay exploring the city safely

This service can be provided in a range of languages.

Fees: It will be agreed on case by case basis and from £675