Yep it is that time of the year again. When the media is flooded with the latest news of this player moving from this Club to the other, this Club making the multimillion pound offer to the one abroad, the fancy new house this player has recently acquired,…,

I don’t recall I have ever seen among all those numbers, details and fancy stuff anyone saying on the news:
“Oh poor them what a life moving from one country to the other, dragging family along, not understanding the cultural change, the social cues, dealing with the massive pressure the Club and the fans are putting on this new player”

A professional player is a human being after all, right? Yep some of them look like something out of this world, they do incredible things but they all struggle as much as any other professional relocating through work.

Specially when partners and families are moved around too and these don’t have the right support from the very beginning of the process.

FC Business article

This is what we have approached in our latest article in the special Relocation issue at FC Business Magazine. If you want to read all about it just follow the link SecurelyBe is on page 24:


Premier League to League 2, the coach, the physio,…, anyone involved in a relocation will need and should have the extra support to be able to “hit the ground working” , as well as, being able to thrive during the transition.
Then and there is where SecurelyBe is the right partner. Before, during and long after your arrival.


Welcome to England!








Whilst living in your home town and home country great things can happen to you, of course they can! You are surrounded by things you like, people you love, you know how things work, it is all very “familiar”. But the extraordinary happens when you move abroad.

Nothing is “familiar” anymore but the opportunities to live a unique experience multiplies. It can be that charity ball at the grounds of The Tower of London never opened for something like this before, it could be that Polo match organised by the Argentinian Ambassador, it can be the celebrations for the National Day at the oldest embassy in London,…, it could be anything that you never thought could happen to you. Everything is possible when you live the life of an expat.

You have been taken from the “familiar” and who you were – by your sayings, your do’s and the people surrounding you – and now you have this amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself and being this extraordinary you.

Probably one of the highlights of my life abroad has been the meeting I attended on the 23rd of June’14 at N10. The iconic No 10 door opened to a group of business owners and I was one of them (5th from the right).

If you want to know more about it please read here.

SecurelyBe attended the monthly meeting at No 10 with Daniel Korski adviser of the Prime Minister on enterprise matters.
SecurelyBe attended the monthly meeting at No 10 with Daniel Korski adviser of the Prime Minister on enterprise matters.

And how can you access to great opportunities around you?

  • By connecting with the local alumni organisation of your University/College
  • By attending expat forums, workshops, groups in LinkedIn, or via MeetUp.
  • By registering at your Consulate as new resident in the country
  • By not only being interested in local culture but the others dozen cultures than surrounds you
  • By taking the chance of being an extraordinary you, so take it and enjoy it!

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