International Relocation

Why you need us

A traditional relocation company will take you from A to B but, what happens during the weeks before the move? Or on day two when everybody is gone? Or week three when the reality hits? Who is there to guide you through institutions, services and the areas you need to know/take action before and upon arrival? the basics of what to do or to know about living in the UK? For an insight of what you need to know…

What we do

SecurelyBe… is your unbiased advisor throughout the most important months of the relocation.

We will be your Cicerone (Latin term for a guide who shows and explains to foreigners the antiques and curiosities of the country). We will guide you through all the practicalities you need to know and do, as well as, showing you how the main services, institutions and procedures work. The information will be adapted to the area of the city/outskirts you will live in.

For over 5 months, with the ongoing information and support we provide, you will feel secure and ready to make your own decisions to be settled in the new destination. Next step: Just enjoy what London and the UK has to offer.

mind the gap

The benefits of our service:

  • Accelerating the integration into your new neighbourhood, city and life
  • Reducing the stress that comes with the uncertainty of “What comes next?”
  • We help you to focus on your new job as we will deal with the other pieces of information you need to know to be settled in London & the UK

    We have done the hard work so you don’t have to