What a great song The Clash wrote back in the 80’s and here we are asking to ourselves what should I do? Yes Brexit has been dominating our lives for a couple of years now and it is definitively a recurrent conversation among friends and international clients.

In the last few months we have had many conversations with some of our former clients about their options and mostly about their feelings. Does London/The UK still feels like the right place to live? What has it changed since that day of their arrival, with the excitement of a new life and new opportunities? Anything? or everything remains the same?

And that is the key point that will help you to answer what The Clash was singing over and over…should you stay or should you go?

If you answer is, as it has been for a few of our clients and acquaintances, to go, then let’s do it. We will be very delighted to assist you during your departure phase and help you close this episode of your life. We can take care of all the admin related to it, sorting out moving companies, declutter your home prior, source temporary solutions while you are waiting to go once your cargo has departed, etc.

If your answer is yes, I shall stay and carry on enjoying what London/the UK has to offer then we will advise you into making this decision as legal as it could be and declare yourself -and those here with you- permanent residents and apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or the newly Settlement Scheme. Do check the official page to see if you are eligible https://www.gov.uk/settle-in-the-uk


We have done it, we have gone further and applied for citizenship.

If you love living here, you believe, as we do, this is a great place to live, to work and to thrive, then why not become a full participant of the UK system.

A year ago we welcome Casper, a gorgeous black Miniature Schnauzer, to our gang. He has not only been a bundle of fun but a massive source of information to help our clients while relocating with a pet.



For over a year I have been busy…
  • Checking all the the multiple options and costs within the world of doggie-care;
  • Experiencing first hand the difficulties if wishing to travel with him outside the UK
  • How easy-peasy is if you travel within the UK (funny dichotomy uh?!)
  • The unlimited world of accessories and what will raise a brow – or make you laugh- and what is totally acceptable.
  • Pet grooming – he goes more often than I do!!!
  • The unknown of the pet insurances and what happens if anything goes wrong – lost pet, sick pet, death of a pet- what regular treatments they must have
  • The basics of training, the more advance levels of discipline and how to make sure you and your dog will be welcome wherever you go

So far Casper has been an easy going pup, he has come with me in every single type o transport in London -nobody ever mentioning or making us feel uncomfortable, thumbs up to that London!- He has been in clients’ meetings and vendors meetings, how amazing is that!

Casper-5 months old safely seating in the front of the car on the way to a client’s meeting


Not everything has been an easy ride, of course not! There are restrictions in which places you can take a dog into, or what type of doggie daycare you can expect, as long as you comply with certain medical rules. So these are, in our experience, the best solutions for you to enjoy the city and your pooch:
  • Transport for London will accept your well-behaved dogs in any of their services (bus, Tube, train, etc.) my recommendation is to do a few travel-test with them during the off peak time and in quiet routes, so your dog can explore the space, understand what is happening and what you need from them. Lots of time, patience and treats will help you. Perhaps a muzzle will reduce the risk of them taking unwanted stuff from the floors and reassure other passengers nothing will happen if the dog is unsettled?
Casper – 1year old an expert in the London Transport
  • For those working full time– Doggie day care or dog walking/feeding service – the first option is exactly as what a nursery would offer to your children. 8am to 6pm care, with  a couple of walks and lots of play! The less hands-on alternative is a dog walker who will come to your house feed your furry friend and take him for 1h walk with or without other dogs.
  • For those going away for the weekend/week/holidays and pets are not allowed – Apart from the traditional dog kennels in big country-side settings there are alternatives in the city. You can chose from «Dog boarding» or «Pet sitting at your home». Either your pooch goes away to a home with pet lovers and a similar setting than yours (with children/without, other pets, etc.) or the dog sitter comes to yours and gives your pet an exclusive attention in the comfort of your own house.
  • Dog friendly places – although there is a clear love for our four-legged friends in the UK, sometimes is very difficult to access public places with them. There is not a particular law that restricts this, it is just down to the owner of the establishments to grant access or not. The Kennel Club UK runs a campaign called Be Dog Friendly encouraging businesses and public places to join in, here is the info about all those places in which you and your friend will be very welcome.
  • Shopping – Overwhelming the alternatives on where to buy food, treats, accessories, transport solutions, holidays with them?
    We have a bunch of recommendations – we have tried with less or more success quiet a few different suppliers/websites- happy to share our findings with you my fellow dog owner.


To learn more about how SecurelyBe can help your employees, clients, and their families hit the ground running with their pets in-tow, please do get in touch.