Why you need us: To protect the investment of the company

The risks you face

As corporations start to see the benefit of a wider economic recovery, a number or transformative programs and organizational changes are underway. Whilst staff recruitment is back on the agenda, its natural time lag means that re-allocating internal resources is the quickest way to react to accelerated business demands.

To do this, corporations need effective seamless Mobility programs that can address short and long term rotations at short notice. This requires an HR function both staffed and skilled to be able to provide the dedicated time to run such a program. Do you have such a function or program?

Are you at risk of?

  • Lacking focus – so often the focus is on the business case and funding for moving the individual, but who is focused on the individual’s personal needs? Fail here and the employee is likely to fail as they become distracted and disenfranchised by complex personal matters and administration.
  • Under-estimating – the pressure the employee and family are going through even if they speak good English or even be repatriated back “home”
  • Wasting money – it is a significant cost moving top talent. Unsettled employees (and their families) electing to return home after a short period is both a major cost, but means that the job at hand is not being done, or further time is lost transitioning in replacements.

What we do

SecurelyBe… is a Relocation Advisory & Settling in specialist for the Employee & Family. We Orientate, Advise and Support professionals moving to London, either on their own or with their families. We provide extensive assistance pre, during & post relocating, opening a door to their new destination.

The benefits of our service:

  • Liberate time for the HR function – no need of dealing with uncertainties and questions in the personal field. You will focus on the business case we will focus on the individual
  • Maximize the capacity of the employees’ effectiveness – they will “hit the ground working” as we deal with the personal matters that cause stress back at home
  • Protect the investment of the company – educate and expectation set the employee so the transition is a successful one
  • Supporting the individual – the employees will feel looked after at a personal level thereby driving gratitude and loyalty

Our services are a MUST for any Company relocating professionals to the UK and aiming to retain their talent and support their wellbeing.