Madam Mayor of Merton with Beatriz Garcia-Martinez
“You feel that you belong when you become the winner of recycling in your area! Not because I am the neighbour who recycles the most but I did know about a competition and joined in”
Madam Mayor of Merton with Beatriz Garcia-Martinez

What it is the worst your expat children could say?

“Mum, who is uncle Pete? The tall one or the other one?” And you might think: “Oh dear! What have I done to my family relocating and taking them away from their NOW forgotten family”

Well that is a very common question and movement every expat family goes through, the moment when the little one barely remember who is who as their new life, in the new place takes soooo much relevance and they need to focus sooo much to fit in that they literally have thought to themselves “anchors away!!!”

Now it is your time to make it interesting for them to look back. Help them to reconnect with those memories and make it fun, how?
Something that we did was to put up on the children’s bedroom a gallery of photos of friends and family, every night and day those photos are looking at them and that prompts them to ask questions about who is who and what they might be doing.

When the novelty wears off it comes the 2nd stage. Sit down at bedtime and instead of reading a book every night, you might want to tell them a story about “when uncle Pete was working in Australia he found a giant tortoise upside-down and then…”

Next time they see uncle Pete they will be able to connect with him straight away, thank to the tortoise or your great imagination 😉

Enjoy the story telling!

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