Who is SecurelyBe…?

SecurelyBe… is a team of highly motivated, educated and well-travelled women with former corporate careers, collectively speaking 5 different languages and the experience of having worked and lived in 11 different countries within 4 continents.

Beatriz and her team offer the professional approach to a deeply personal challenge. It is with their collective knowledge, expertise, personal experiences and passion that they are able to relate first hand with the assignees and spouses and deliver valuable Settling In services.

“We are passionate about what London, the UK and the British culture has to offer and we strongly believe that the key to a successful relocation is to have the right level of support at the right time”

Beatriz Garcia-Martinez
Beatriz Garcia-Martinez, Founder and Managing Director of the company, has a diverse range of international and corporate experience as project manager, with strong customer focus and business administration background with a BSc degree in Business and Economics, Major in International Economies. After a few years working for several global corporations she set up her own business in 2011. Beatriz speaks English and Spanish

“During my 12 years working in Corporations I have dealt with many international teams. I have also experienced first-hand what it is like being relocated internationally, both as an assignee and as an accompanying spouse. I experienced first hand that a full relocation package falls short of the personalized support, advice and insightful information needed to provide a true end to end process, both emotionally and financially. These experiences and those of many friends and colleagues inspired me to start SecurelyBe…. You can never underestimate how important it is to have the right information at the right time. When this comes in the shape of a friendly, reliable, approachable, experienced and understanding person then the relocation IS a success. All parties benefit from this success from the individual to the family to the employer”

Nadia Read
Nadia Read, Relocation Consultant. With a background in marketing and corporate social responsibility, Nadia focuses on the client experience with her effective project management, relationship and communication skills. Nadia has corporate and consulting experience in various sectors including luxury retail, food hospitality and oil and gas. She has managed international teams, works with a client driven approach, and is passionate about supporting employers and assignee families through their international relocation needs. Nadia holds an MBA and a Masters in Science from the University of Michigan and a BScH from Queen’s University in Canada. In addition, she has studied in Germany and France. Nadia speaks English and German.

“When I arrived in London with my family 6 years ago, we were clients of SecurelyBe… and benefitted first hand from B’s exceptional Settling In Services. Having lived through the experience, I feel so strongly about the benefits of the service offering to both expatriate families and the employer. The assignee families are able to efficiently and confidently transition their lives with logistical support and an unbiased helping hand. At the same time, the employer’s investment is protected with increased employee loyalty and relocated talent able to focus entirely on the responsibilities in his or her new role. With my international background as well as professional experiences, it was a natural fit to join the team as a Relocation Consultant. With the guidance and support of SecurelyBe…, our clients can efficiently master the systems, processes and institutions that govern daily life in London, and quickly move past this transitional time to truly enjoying all that living in London has to offer.”